kota stone flooring designs

Kota stone flooring designs is a naturally available limestone with an elite blend of shades. It is usually available in the Kota district of Rajasthan state of India.

Kota stone is well known for its attractive colors. However, the brown color is the popular. Other colors are – Black, Pink, Grey, and Beige. Physical properties like hardness, non- porous and homogeneity make it extraordinary from other stones.

kota stone flooring designs

Kota stone is used in two finishes i.e. rough dress and polished finish. It is an excellent building stone for Pathways, Corridors, Driveways, Commercial buildings. It is best option of flooring in chemical industries due to its resistant properties.

Featurers of kota stone flooring designs

  • Color- blue,green,brown,yellow,black & grey
  • Size – cut-to-size and slab size
  • Price range – 8/-sq.ft. upto 78/-sq.ft. (price depend size,thickness & color)
  • Maintance – not cost for lifetime

Advantages/Benefits of using Kota stone flooring designs

  • Kota stone flooring designs is a fine, combine of magnificence and luxury giving used in the interior and exterior to enhance the look of the building.
  • Kota stone is hard, tough, oil resistant, and non-water absorbent, non-slippery and have excellent stone resolvability.
  • They are available in slabs and tiles form and can be set in any pattern of drawing.
  • Kota stone can be finished in various ways according to requirement such as Natural Cleft both faces, one side Honed, Both sides Honed, Hand Cut/Machine Cut/ Polished, Mirror Finish and Calibrated etc.
  • it is available in natural shades and it can be cut in to any size and shape as per the requirement. Look at the natural shades of kota flooring
  • It is an excellent building stone for humid regions and freezing regions, and it is non-porous and non-observant to water.
  • Kota stone flooring durablity is  best and they are set on strong base of base coat.
  • Kota Stone is the ideal flooring material in the building and out side the building to impart a stronger and luxurious look to the floors
  • It is the cheapest stone s among the other natural stones.
    Kota stone are available in different sizes slab/ tiles of 30×30, 40×40, 30×60, 40×60, 60×60, 50 x50, 55×55, and 60×90 centimeters.
  • Kota stones is work  in Exteriors, Pathways, Corridors, Driveways, and Balconies etc.

Benefits of kota stone flooring designs

  • Tough Stone
  • Non- water absorbent
  • Non-slip flooring
  • Non-porous Nature
  • Easy to Cut in Any Size
  • Affordable prices compared to Marble

Kota Stone is very beneficial stone for flooring and flooring Interior purpose. This Polished stone is tough and easy to adjust in any size of flooring. We are major supplier of Kota Stone. We supply kota Stone in homes, Offices and commercial malls for flooring purpose.

Main features of kota stone dealers in kota

  • Size – 2×2,2×2.5,2×3,2×3.5,2×4,2×4.5,2×5,2×2.5.5,2×6,2×6.5,2×7,2×8,( in feet)
  • Cut-to-size – 11×11,22×22,23×23,22×14,22×15,22×11,22×8,22×9.22×10, ( in inch)
  • Thickness – 20-50mm
  • Colour – Red,Blue,Brown,Black And Green
  • Stone form – cut-to-size & slab size
  • Origin – kota (Rajasthan)
  • Main market – Ramganjmandi (Rajasthan)
  • Uses – Interior and Exterior flooring purpose,water proofing
  • Price Range – From 8/-sq.ft. upto 78/-sq.ft.
  • Form – Natural,Rough,semi-polished,high-polished,river-finished,leather finished,shortblast,sand balst and mirror polished
  • Packing – loose in truck & in wooden box for exporting abroad
  • Gst – 5% unfinished &18% finished
  • Loading – 150/-tone
  • Transportation charge – depend at distance
  • Weight – 5.5kg/-sq.ft. for 25mm thickness
  • Maintence – Only clean by water
  • Minimum quanity order – 5000 sq.ft.
  • Payment term – Rtgs,online,cheque & cash

How to order ….

  • Select size,thickness and finish type
  • Select color
  • Whatsapp us
  • We will send you quotation
  • Deposit amount
  • We will send you quotation
  • Your quantity must be full truck load

 Kota stone slab size price list

Size         Thickness             Rate

1×1           25mm                  8/-sq.ft.

2×1           25mm                 12/-sq.ft.

2×1.5        25mm                  17/-sq.ft.

2×2           25mm                 17/-sq.ft.

2×2.5        25mm                  17/-sq.ft.

2×3           25mm                  21/-sq.ft,

2×3.5        25mm                  24/-sq.ft.

2×4           25mm                  24/-sq.ft.

2×4.5       25mm                  24/-sq.ft.

2×5           25mm                  29/-sq.ft.

2×5.5         25mm                 30/-sq.ft.

2×6           25mm                  30/-sq.ft.

2×6.5        25mm                   30/-sq.ft.

2×7           25mm                  34/-sq.ft.

2×8           25mm                  38/-sq.ft.

Finishing – semi-polished surface and edges uncut

Thickness – +3 -3 mm thickness will be vary

kota Stone price list of cut-to-size

Size      Thickness  Rate

11″x11″       25mm         8/-pcs

10″x10″     25mm         6/-pcs

9″x9″         25mm          4/-pcs.

22″x11″       25mm       21/-pcs

22″x10″      25mm         16/-pcs

22”x9”      25mm          13/pcs.

22″x14″      25mm          33/pcs.

22″x15″       25mm        36/-pcs.

17”x23″       25mm         51/-pcs

22″x22″       25mm        66/-pcs

23″x23″      25mm          70/-pcs.

22″x28″      25mm          88/-pcs.

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