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kota stone suppliers in kota Rajasthan

kota stone suppliers in Rajasthan india,Kota blue stone is made from limestone, has unique features and advantages that makes it an ideal stone from any other. Among other natural stones, Kota stone competes for its lower cost and durability in the market. I It is available in different shades and sizes and can easily fit to your home decor. The specialty of this stone is that it is resistant enough to fit to any type of weather, be it dry, humid or cold. It is available in both rough and polished finished forms. The polished finish stone builds up grandeur and luxurious environment within the house. It is a good material if to give an architectural effect.

kota stone suppliers

Kota stone suppliers flooring enhances the overall look of the home interior. It gives a wonderful feeling of grandeur, luxury and comfort to the home decor. c. You can use multicolored stones to give an excellent and attractive look to the home decor.

Colors: Blue Colored Kota,green,yellow,brown & black

In rare case they can be also available in pink color. You can choose a perfect match for your home.

It is resistant to heat and water. The stone is also durable as it is non-porous and non water absorbent in nature. These stones are suitable for use in chemical industries. However, these stones are not resistant to acid and alkali.

It is available in various sizes and shapes to fit to any pattern of flooring.

Kota stones do not require much regular maintenance like any other flooring. They are well known for their toughness and durability. However, the polished Kota stones may tend to fake over a period of time. This phenomenon can only be eliminated by periodic polishing wax.

Benefits of kota stone flooring

  • Tough Stone
  • Non- water absorbent
  • Non-slip flooring
  • Non-porous Nature
  • Easy to Cut in Any Size
  • Affordable prices compared to Marble

Kota Stone is very beneficial stone for flooring and flooring Interior purpose. This Polished stone is tough and easy to adjust in any size of flooring. We are major supplier of Kota Stone. We supply kota Stone in homes, Offices and commercial malls for flooring purpose.

Main features of kota stone dealers in kota

  • Size – 2×2,2×2.5,2×3,2×3.5,2×4,2×4.5,2×5,2×2.5.5,2×6,2×6.5,2×7,2×8,( in feet)
  • Cut-to-size – 11×11,22×22,23×23,22×14,22×15,22×11,22×8,22×9.22×10, ( in inch)
  • Thickness – 20-50mm
  • Colour – Red,Blue,Brown,Black And Green
  • Stone form – cut-to-size & slab size
  • Origin – kota (Rajasthan)
  • Main market – Ramganjmandi (Rajasthan)
  • Uses – Interior and Exterior flooring purpose,water proofing
  • Price Range – From 8/-sq.ft. upto 78/-sq.ft.
  • Form – Natural,Rough,semi-polished,high-polished,river-finished,leather finished,shortblast,sand balst and mirror polished
  • Packing – loose in truck & in wooden box for exporting abroad
  • Gst – 5% unfinished &18% finished
  • Loading – 150/-tone
  • Transportation charge – depend at distance
  • Weight – 5.5kg/-sq.ft. for 25mm thickness
  • Maintence – Only clean by water
  • Minimum quanity order – 5000 sq.ft.
  • Payment term – Rtgs,online,cheque & cash

How to order ….

  • Select size,thickness and finish type
  • Select color
  • Whatsapp us
  • We will send you quotation
  • Deposit amount
  • We will send you quotation
  • Your quantity must be full truck load

 Kota stone slab size price list

Size         Thickness             Rate

1×1           25mm                  8/-sq.ft.

2×1           25mm                 12/-sq.ft.

2×1.5        25mm                  17/-sq.ft.

2×2           25mm                 17/-sq.ft.

2×2.5        25mm                  17/-sq.ft.

2×3           25mm                  21/-sq.ft,

2×3.5        25mm                  24/-sq.ft.

2×4           25mm                  24/-sq.ft.

2×4.5       25mm                  24/-sq.ft.

2×5           25mm                  29/-sq.ft.

2×5.5         25mm                 30/-sq.ft.

2×6           25mm                  30/-sq.ft.

2×6.5        25mm                   30/-sq.ft.

2×7           25mm                  34/-sq.ft.

2×8           25mm                  38/-sq.ft.

Finishing – semi-polished surface and edges uncut

Thickness – +3 -3 mm thickness will be vary

kota Stone price list of cut-to-size

         Size                  Thickness                 Rate

  • 11″x11″               25mm                   8.00/-pcs
  • 10″x10″               25mm                  6.50rs/-pcs
  • 9″x9″                   25mm                  4.00/-pcs.
  • 22″x11″              25mm                    21.00/-pcs
  • 22″x10″              25mm                    16.00/-pcs
  • 22”x9”               25mm                     13.00/pcs.
  • 22″x14″              25mm                     33.00/pcs.
  • 22″x15″              25mm                    36.00/-pcs.
  • 17”x23″             25mm                     51.00/-pcs
  • 22″x22″              25mm                     66″.00/-pcs
  • 23″x23″              25mm                     70.00/-pcs.
  • 22″x28″              25mm                     87.50/-pcs.

Kota stone chokadi price  list


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