kota stone blue

kota stone Normally white cement or epoxy is used to stick kota slabs together but high thixotropic knife-grade mastic is a good option to give the flooring a neat finish.There is no need to cut Kota Stone slabs as they are already easily available in tile-form in the market. However, in order to make repairs on the laid flooring, cutting is used to make adjustments. And yes! Cutting is needed for the skirting.Floor is grinded with diamond grit from 30 to 100 using a floor grinding machine.

kota stone blue

kota stone

Kota stones are up to 1.5 inch thick, hence need provision in floor height calculations. They come in 2×2 or 2×4 ft. size, with more joints than other stones, which of course can be disguised by using pigmented mortars. They are laid to level on a 1:4 mortar bed, and topped with cement slurry. Minor surface level variations get evened during polishing, normally done in seven rounds, including the final tin oxide round. Proper curing is a must, keeping the floor wet for about a week at least. Polishing with grinding stone should begin only after proper curing. With the surface generally rough cut, the first few rounds are necessary to get the surface level, with the later rounds adding the mirror-like polish.

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